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Educators for Excellence
Educators for Excellence


Teachers and education leaders are the drivers of academic success, the shapers of values and the examples of service. Their dedication in nurturing the next generation to scholarship and intellect will change the way societies are built and how futures are shaped. However, in the act of scaffolding and educating students, lifelong educators also need support to make measured and sustainable impact. They are, as we know, the key drivers for creating the right learning conditions for students to achieve academic excellence and lifelong leadership skills. 


With the vision of Educators for Excellence, AISL Academy is a unique endeavour, aiming to elevate the overall standards in the worldwide continuous professional development sector and is open to the exchange of ideas and practice. It provides support, while inspiring, and empowering educators to reassert their calling as they access and avail themselves to a wide choice of shared practices in professional development.

No matter what the training topic or learning conditions entail, AISL Academy is committed to fundamental principles including research-based conditions that promote applied learning in school communities, demonstrable impact that is evaluated, shared and celebrated at multiple levels, and enduring outcomes that inform school strategy, policy and practice. The Academy will meet the needs of learners who seek to learn something new, advance their career, or earn a qualification and certification with a variety of programme and course options.

AISL Academy is where educators will be supported, encouraged, challenged, inspired and motivated to affirm their calling to promote themselves as Educators for Excellence. This is fully endorsed and supported by our top executives.

our values

AISL Academy keeps up to date with what works in education by embracing innovative approaches that are delivering results for educators with the highest potential for impact. The Academy affords practitioners to engage with knowledge and develop a critical approach to their current understanding and practices. Progressive teaching methodologies and distinctive curricula place AISL at the forefront of educational thinking.
A successful partnership takes sustained efforts on the part of all stakeholders. AISL Academy develops a space for dialogue among researchers, parents, and classroom practitioners. Different perspectives on possible ways of organising learning that go beyond existing institutional arrangements can help create learning environments that equip educators and the wider community with the deeper knowledge and skills to participate in today's economy and society.
In partnership with top education institutions, the most respected visionaries, and globally renowned industry-leading professionals in the world, AISL Academy empowers members to learn from international models of excellence, use the global body of evidence to design educational methods and benefit from the thoughtful assessment of international education trends.
AISL Academy focuses upon supporting educators to develop and enhance their knowledge and skills to address practical challenges in their professional lives. The Academy personalises the needs of educators and parents, infuses a sense of reality in education and makes learning purposeful. The Academy aims to develop educators’ capacity for problem-solving and critical thinking to address relevant professional issues in everyday life.
AISL Academy is dedicated to building a professional community that provides educators in Asia with access to the highest quality global learning opportunities under truly bilingual conditions that suit the local context. With our global network of recognised education thought leaders and training institutions, Academy members can access the best bilingual professional development from around the world.
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programme offerings


AISL Schools access only
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AISL Schools access only
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online learning experience

The platform hosts content of various formats including video, text, image and e-learning modules.
Through interactive features such as knowledge check questions, drag and drop, matching, polling, and discussion forums, the platform provides for an engaging learning experience for all users.
For some of the courses and events that require rigorous learning effort on the users’ part, a learning certificate is often issued validating the learners’ successful achievement of the learning objectives by demonstrating their meeting a defined level of mastery of the content.
The platform itself is provisioned in both English and Chinese to allow for ease of use for both language users. In addition, selective key content (either text or video) will also be provided in both languages, expanding the reach of the learning offerings.
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AISL Academy in Bangkok, Thailand

AISL Academy will launch its first building in Bangkok, Thailand in 2024 (rendering image)

The online AISL Academy will manifest in a physical location in Bangkok, Thailand in 2024.

State-of-the-art architecture with world class facilities and the latest technology will ensure that participants learn in an engaging and immersive environment. Learners will enjoy easy access to a wide range of multimedia and online resources housed in venues featuring purpose-built experiential learning labs that also showcase the latest in digital teaching and learning resources.

partner with us

AISL Academy will bring content with breadth and depth in the large variety of topical areas with partnerships that have been established with in the field of bilingual K-12 education globally. In less than a year, we have engaged over 50 leading international institutions and thought leaders and as a result, the number of partners who share our commitment to excellence in teaching and learning keeps growing.

To learn more about how you can be part of AISL Academy’s new and unique journey of educational community development, please get in touch at

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